Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is 40

As the Holiday activities wind down and we're looking for something to do, here is a movie I can't wait to to watch.

We see Pete(Paul Rudd) and his wife Debbie (Leslie Mann) go through their day to day lives as they deal with family life and marriage.  We get a further look into the life of "that other couple" from Knocked Up.  I'm always curious to see how a marriage will be portrayed on screen after the butterflies have faded.  What happens to marriage after family?

So far the overall reviews are promising.  I have really high hopes for this movie. I believe we can expect a lot of laughs and maybe some food for thought.
This is 40 out in theaters on Friday December 21, 2012.

Read more in depth reviews at This is 40- Rotten Tomatoes
Watch movie trailers at This is 40- Official Site

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review.  This blog is a means to share my thoughts and opinions.


  1. Now I want to watch it! Since I don't watch TV I haven't seen previews.

    1. I hope you do get to watch it! It looks hilarious. You can follow the link and watch the trailer. My favorite line from the movie so far is, "No more Wifi".