Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fashion Friday: Denim, Leather, Peplum and Spikes


We will soon start seeing new Spring and Summer Fashion trends. I know hard to believe right? It seems like winter lasts forever. While looking through some of my favorite fashion magazines I noticed something very interesting, as we wait for new trends to hit the streets there are some fall/winter trends that seem to be sticking around.

One of these trends is the denim top, the fear of looking like a farmer no longer applies.  This top is  thinner more lightweight and looks great paired with bright/bold colored skinny jeans.

Spikes on clothing, shoes and jewelry is something I think will not be going away for a while.  Not only is it trendy at the moment it also adds a bit of edge to your outfit.

Leather (faux) where have you been all my life? I remember I wore you in the 90s. It didn't look anything like this but I did have some cute pieces (faux leather for the most part) though. Side note: Remember those long, heavy almost trench coat  like leather jackets. I cringe at the thought. 

This is leather done right. Leather trim on dresses, tops and pants just enough to make them special. 
This dress mixes two trends leather and peplum. This is one of those elusive trends that will flatter almost anybody type. It comes in dress form, with skirts, tops and even as an attachment piece you can add to things you already have. Perfect to hide some of those extra holiday lbs.

What about full leather (faux or not) pieces?  Like this skirt. So cute! What do you think? Have you dared to try any of these trends? 

How do you put your spin on an outfit while wearing pieces like these? 

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review.  This blog is a means to share my thoughts and opinions.

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