Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Favorite Winter Polishes

As I was reorganizing my nail polish collection and attempting to choose which one to use next, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you my favorite winter polishes.

No matter how many new polishes I acquire I always seem to go back to these during winter months.

Here is a closer look at the polishes from left to the middle half.
It may seem a bit much and some colors may even seem to look exactly the same, but they aren't I promise.  During the colder months I personally gravitate towards the darker shades.  I find that the darker colors work well with any skin tone especially with shorter nails.

This is the a look at the polishes from the middle to the end.
When I'm not in the mood for the darker shades I gravitate towards these.  The one I seemed to keep wearing in December was the gold one(Glitzerland). When my nails need a little bit of a break I go for these two nude colors Ballet Slippers and Dulce de Leche.

While I like wearing darker tones in the winter and lighter, brighter colors during summer months it all comes down to personal preference.  That is not a rule although many do see it as more of a guide line.
I like to mix it up every now and then, besides  I think it's a strategy made up by subconscious.  By only wearing my darker colors it gives me something to look forward to in the summer.

This is a shot of my favorite products I use in combination with any polish I wear.
1. Essie Base Coat.  I have tried many brands at different price points and always come back to this one. It protects my bare nail and prevents it from turning yellow.  It also allows for a smoother polish application.
2. Seche Vite.  This is my favorite top coat.  Protects your manicure, helps it dry quicker and gives it the most beautiful shine. Since a single bottle of it is pretty pricey, I like that I can purchase a re-fill bottle which is very cost effective.  This is a professional size product, however due to it's popularity you can find it online or a beauty supply store that will let you purchase without a pro-license.
3. NYC Matte Me Crazy Top Coat.  The Matte finish is very trendy right now and this is a great option and widely available.
4. Seche Vite Restore. This again is a pro product but again readily available at beauty supply stores or online.  Seche Vite Restore allows you to revive any nail polish that has gotten thick and difficult to apply.
5. OPI Avonplex Cuticle Oil. My preferred cuticle oil.  Again I have tried different brands and this is just what I prefer.  It is very nourishing, and even though it is an oil it is not overly greasy it absorbs fairly well and fast into your skin.
6. Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me.  Gold flecks and glitter top coat.  This is one of the best glitter top coats around, easy to apply. Distribution is even but you do have to be careful not to apply it on to thick.
7. OPI Drip Dry. These drops are pretty great but they are pricey and I only use them when I'm in a hurry and don't really have the time to sit around for my nails to dry.
8. Sephora by OPI Flurry Up! See #6 for description.  This one however contains silver flecks and glitter.
9. Essie A Cut Above.  Pink glitter top coat.  There is so much glitter in it that you can wear it on it's own or on top of your favorite color.
10.  Revlon Starry Pink. Pink sheer base with silver flecks.  Can be used on it's own or over your favorite nude or other polish of your choice.

When I have time to give myself a full manicure this is what I use.
11. Glass file.  I find that glass files are better for my nails.  After using these my nail beds don't feel weak. 
12. Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover.  I like this product, I prefer it instead of cutting my cuticles.  It does the job with out hurting my cuticles. 

13. OPI Lacquer Remover.  This is my favorite nail polish remover, a bit pricey but it lasts longer because you do not need a lot so it lasts a very long time.  As far as polish removers go this is at the top of my list because it does a great job at removing glitter polish. If you have ever worn glitter polish you know what I'm talking about.  It is also not extremely drying like many other removers are.  Don't get me wrong using any remover will dry out your hands but this one isn't so bad.

 Let me know in the comments what you think of my favorite winter polishes and accompanying products.
What are some of your favorites?
Would you be interested in knowing some DIY manicure tips and tricks?

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  1. Thank you my dear! Very informative :-) I have been looking for a good oil for my cuticles so I will definitely be trying that one out

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful! This is a great cuticle oil. Let me know how you like it.