Friday, January 18, 2013


As I sit here researching topics and simultaneously adding to my ever growing schedule, I stopped when I found this on Pinterest.  It made me slow down and allowed me to contemplate the new road I'm on.  I realized I am the change, it starts with me and I am thankful to be so busy.  At the end of the day after volunteering at my daughter's school, working, making dinner, cleaning up, helping my kindergartner with homework, laying out clothes for the next day and I can't even keep my eyes open anymore. It could be very easy to be grumpy and want alone time instead of playing with my little one and researching and writing for you all.  I could make excuse after excuse and later regret it.  But I'm happy to do all of that simply because I'm lucky enough to have so many meaningful things to do.  I'm lucky I have a job, happy I have the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to my daughters education, I'm happy to have an amazing little girl that makes me laugh not matter what is going on, I'm lucky to have a forum to voice what I think, and even lucky that for all of you that care enough to read it.  So yes I have in the past been grumpy and unhappy and full of excuses.  But after months of sleepless nights and busy days and not excuses getting in the way, I can honestly say I'm happier now than I was when I was well rested.

During the first month of every New year, I think we all have these great expectations and we always think, "this year, this is the year I will loose those extra pounds, go for that promotion, take a vacation, reach for the stars".

Then as the months fly by nothing happens and we give up.   Whether it's due to fear of failure,  criticism, exhaustion, or it just seems to difficult. We give up before we even start.

There will always be an excuse you can come up with, to not do something.  There will always be someone who will judge and criticize your choices.  You will never be able to please everyone. You have to start with yourself.

At the end of the day we only have ourselves to contend with.  Can we really live with the "what if"?

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review.  This blog is a means to share my thoughts and opinions.

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