Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wedge Sneaker, Fashion Do or Don't?

One of the newer fashion trends out now is the Wedge Sneaker.  I say newer because although I'm sure you have been seeing these type of shoes all over the latest magazines, it is just now trickling down to main stream fashion.

You can probably find a version of this Wedge Sneaker by your favorite designer at your favorite retail location within your budget.  As I search the Internet I came across a multitude of websites that carried them.  From Victoria Secret to Go Jane, you can a pair in almost any color, or material at varying price points.

I am not one to jump on the latest trend and to be honest when I first started seeing these around I thought they were they ugliest shoes.  Who would wear these monstrosities?  And as I started to see the different versions I started to like them.  I do not know how that happened! 

I love wearing cute sneakers, cute flat sneakers since they are so practical and as long as they are very clean can work with many casual outfits. However these can dress up a casual outfit and don't look all that painful. In fact just from seeing them I actually think they might even be quite comfortable.  I'm really digging the edgier black Wedge Spike Sneaker version.  I'll let you know what I think and post some pictures if I go ahead and get them.  

What do you think fashion do or don't? Will you jump on this trend? Which pair do you like?

Get a feel for what is out there here: Polyvore, Wedge Sneaker

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review.  This blog is a means to share my thoughts and opinions.


  1. I am a fan of wedge ankle boots but, I can't seem to come around to the idea of the wedge sneaker. I just don't like the velcro straps and sneaker elements.

    1. MJ,
      Thanks for the comment. I see what you mean, that is how I felt when I first saw them. But I'm having second thoughts now.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the suggestion an for visiting Susan.