Thursday, January 3, 2013

When Good Hair Tools Go Bad

There is nothing more frustrating than using your favorite hair tool only to have it stop working.
No warning what so ever, nothing just working one second and out the next.

This wouldn't be so bad if say you had just turned it on, but no it decides to quit on you after you have curled/straightened half of your hair.  What are you to do next?  It's not like you don't have a basket full of curling irons.

So like you probably already guessed this happened to me and boy was I fuming.  But I was running late as usual and so had no time to panic.  So when my favorite Revlon 11/2 inch ceramic curling iron went lights out I reached for whatever was on top of the basket that was the closest in size.  I picked up my Sedu 1 inch clipless curling iron.  I had used it a couple of times but never took to it.  Looking back it was probably because I always went back to my Revlon which I have had for years.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that under pressure I made it work and really liked the results.  It wasn't difficult to maneuver and I was able to match the other half of my hair.  I didn't use the glove and ended up burning my finger once or twice.  Nothing too bad though, I was able to work pretty fast with it.

Bottom line is I really liked using it and although I thought I would go out and purchase a similar iron to the one I lost, I didn't.  I like it so much, I haven't really used anything else this Holiday season.  I have even been neglecting my flat iron.

The Sedu is a 1 inch, ceramic, clipless curling iron.  It comes with a glove and a little hidden protective kickstand.  Very fast heat-up, heat is evenly distributed throughout the whole want so you don't have to just use the middle if the tool.  It has a digital temperature control, an auto shut off technology and a 9 foot swivel cord.

I purchased mine from Folica, you can find irons like this at different price points pretty much any where.

As much as we love our standbys never discount rediscovering little treasures you have in your beauty kits.  Give them a chance you might be surprised.

Disclosure: No compensation was provided for this review.  This blog is a means to share my thoughts and opinions.

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